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Request program?

Started by Togel, May 19, 2023, 02:39 AM

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In this new forum, members can request programs like in the old forum?


Please feel free to request programs.
If the request will be helpful for all community members, we will try to add new tools in the website Lets Make Billion



pick 4 lottery bible please 


Hi, peeps. I do requests for pay now on


Hello everybody,

What is the most accurate formula to calculate the minimum possible using v,k,t,m?

Calculating v=31, k=5,t=4,m=4 I found 6,324.
Calculating v=31, k=5,t=4,m=5 I found 1,298.

I did the calculations on this probability calculator.

Does anyone have a reference to prove whether these minimums are correct?



I found no drive in writing more lottery related programs because they're pretty much generally the same thing like loops and some basic repeated functions so I thought
I would make a programmable/reusable calculator that allows you to use many functions for writting programs

You can use the calculator on my blog or write it then get the code to use on your own webpages or local html page on your computer that's fine too.
Let me know how you like it or if you want other functions added to the already existing functions.

If you coded a cool reusable program that you want to share, just share it in this topic.


Nice, sounds like a plan! Can't wait to hear some killer lottery strategies and swap stories with everyone, Let the discussions begin!